Knowing the rules is your responsibility. Violations of rules, even due to ignorance of the rules, will result in a kick/ban. These rules are subject to change at any time without prior notice. Notice of changes in rules will be provided immediately via Discord PING in the Announcements channel.

– Respect all other users.

– Do NOT spam the Discord with text, images, emotes or GIFs.

– Do not play music or use voice changers in VOIP. (Exception is the Music Bot)

– Keep disagreements or smack-talking to a tolerable level. Excessive flaming or harassment will not be tolerated.

– Do not post or link to mature, explicit, controversial, political or racist content (including anything depicting pornography or gore.)

– Do not use racial slurs or single out an individual based on their race, nationality, sexuality, sex, gender, political beliefs, religion or lack thereof.

– Do not dox or threaten anyone who uses the server or this Discord. This will result in an immediate ban.

– Do NOT enter Discord/VOIP if you are completely intoxicated or under heavy influence of any substances that will negatively impact/alter your behavior.

– No hacking, cheating or intentional exploitation of bugs.

– Do not attempt to dupe items in the server.

– No racism / hate speech.

– Respect all other players.

– NOT ALLOWED to transferring information between the game and Discord, example:

   – Your character knowing someones name because you saw it in the game chat or met them before on a different character

   – Using player live streams to find out where people are in game or gaining other information that is found in the stream.

– Do not impersonate another individual or group in a way that would bring harm to them, their group or their reputation.

– If you become wanted by killing someone in a PVE area, you CAN NOT get killed by your friends to get the rewards. Doing that will get you 3-days ban.

 – – IF you however killed your friend by a mistake, you will have to make a ticket and write what happened. 

– Listen to the instructions of all admins and moderators

– Do not combat log under any circumstances. Successful attempts at combat logging will result in a 3-day ban on the first offense and a permanent ban on the second. No exceptions. Combat logging is defined as intentionally logging out when encountering another player in a potential PVP situation. You may not retreat into a building and logout. You may not dive into a bush and logout. You will get banned.

OBS: To avoid confusion, you have to wait at least 15 minutes since the shoutout started OR write in chat and ask if its okay to logout ( if you really have to go )

– Do not utilize glitches or bugs to enter areas you shouldn’t be able to enter. This includes areas that provide concealment or cover from an enemy that should not be accessible, but are accessible by use of a bug or unintended glitch.

– If you capture a player, you should not hold them captive for a period longer than 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, they should be released. Do not abuse this feature to ruin the game for others. Do what you want/need to do and move on.

– To avoid being banned for combat logging, you have to wait 15 minutes after killing a player in a PVP.

Violation of base building rules will result in the absolute destruction of any base items, tents or stashes found in violation of the rules below. Offenders may be temp-banned or perm-banned depending on the circumstances.

  1. Bases may NOT be built in any of the following areas:

A. Within 500m from the PVP circle of any major military area (Tisy, Zelenogorsk, Stary, Northwest Airfiled, Balota, Pavolvo, Myshinko)

B. Inside any military or police loot building.

C. In an area which obstructs the entry into any of the buildings listed in sections (A) and (B).

D. Within any PVP marked area.

2. Boost yourself or jump over a wall is Allowed if you can do it. This is a Vanilla-like server so build your base better.

3. A group is not allowed to exceed 10 Members across their territory at all times! ( Territory size is 150m )

   You also can write the group name before your name.

   For example [groupname] GameTage. 

3. A base can not be more than 5 floor levels high.

4. Gates, Doors, Hatches must be one fence kit length apart. No stacking doors.

5. No Floating Sky bases, (bases that are not connected to the ground). Building on water, building off a cliff or off a house is NOT allowed, just nothing in the sky that is not accessible by foot.

6. Building near Main roads (yellow roads on map) can make players lag when they drive by. Try building it 80 meters away from the closest main road. This is not a must but it would be great if you did that.

7. Don’t block the road with your base. Keep the roads clear.

8. You’re ALLOWED to raid with Helis. Make sure your base is sealed well.

9. Land Mine/Claymore Griefing, IT IS NOT ALLOWED TO USE THEM AT ALL. If you found any, destroy them.

10. Loot cycling is forbidden and if you get caught, you will get banned. 

11. BaseRaiding are allowed from 13:00 – 00:00 Friday – Sunday. Raiding vehicles is allowed anytime anywhere during RAID-Active.

    During non-Raiding times, you’re not allowed to raid any vehicles located in territories. Anywhere else, yes.

12. The whole map is PVP from 13:00 – 00:00 Friday – Sunday

– DayZ + Helis = troubles and headaches for admins, so here is a solution. Fly at your own risk. You die, i won’t help you.

– DayZ is still full of bugs about vehicles so if you by any chanse died just like that without any warnings. Well, it’s DayZ. IF i’m in the game, i can help you out. If im not, sorry you have to wait.

– You’re allowed to have as much vehicles as you need. No Limits. But remember, It’s allowed to break into them all the time. ( Check rule L ).

If you have been banned from the DayZ Server, read the following VERY carefully. Re-read this section as many times as necessary to ensure full understanding.

We understand that you may be frustrated, upset or inquisitive on why you were banned. If you wish to question or discuss a ban you have in our server, you are required to private message one of the admin team to help you out.

Do not take your frustrations out on others. Do not be disrespectful to staff members. Do not jump to conclusions and do not plead steadfast innocence right away. We do not want to ban people and we do not like to ban people. Banning people is a corrective measure to ensure our rules are understood and followed by everyone.

We do not need to hear a million excuses, we do not want to hear that it was “your brother” on your computer, or any of the sort. Carefully consider and craft any arguments, excuses or appeals you may have. In the case of temporary bans, we appreciate those who take ownership of what they did and accept the consequences for their actions. Pleading innocence or attempts at cajoling are both unappreciated and may do you more harm than good.

Anyone who disrespects or starts an argument with any staff member for any reason will be removed from the Discord and could potentially be banned from the DayZ server on the first offense with no opportunities for future redemption.

Anyone who has a complaint or grievance with a member of the staff team should take it up to the next level of the chain of command (not directly to me unless it involves harassment or a crime) in a PRIVATE message.

We reserve the right to remove anyone from our server at any time if we feel they are a detriment to the community or are severely impacting the experience of others.

Since loot restoration and compensation as a result of bugs or lost gear is such a sketchy and difficult task to fairly juggle, we will most likely not be returning people gear or items they claim to have lost without clear, 100%-verifiable video evidence demonstrating an incident from start to finish.